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信任的品牌Trusted Brand - GC-Mark

可信品牌 - GC-标志

品牌具备与其特许经营商和供应商一样的卓越性。 GC-标志向客户展示无论他们身处何地,他们都可以依靠这个品牌。





Trusted Brand – GC-Mark

A brand is as good as its franchises and its suppliers. The GC-Mark shows customers that they can rely on a brand, whatever the location. 

Franchises are the face of a brand: they demonstrate the values of the brand to the customer. Building a loyal customer base for your brand is only possible if all franchises operate in unison, or if all suppliers maintain the same level of quality assurance.

The GC-Mark “Trusted Brand” confirms that the franchisor has implemented an effective system to monitor and optimize the performance of all franchises. The label demonstrates that all franchises have adopted the processes prescribed by the franchisor, and that the central quality control unit supervises quality management in the entire supply chain. It is thus based on client-specific requirements.

Thus, the CG-Mark “Trusted Brand” helps companies protect their investments. Through the years of experience and high levels of monetary investments, the company’s branding and name recognition are among its greatest assets. The value of the parent company, of existing franchisees and the value of potential franchisees are dependent upon the ability to protect the reputation of the brand.