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绿色公司Green Company – GC-Mark

绿色公司 - GC标志




您想让世界知道您的关切吗? GC-Mark根据现场评估对您的绿色环保提供第三方确认。


-          提供最低影响的第三方确认;

-          记录降低影响的措施;

-          记录降低影响的措施;

-          基于ISO 14001建立体系;

-          可用于提高公司的声誉。


Green Company GC-Mark

A green company is a company that succeeds in minimizing its negative impact upon the environment.

As global warming continues apace and becomes an increasingly “hot” topic amongst world governments, many companies are doing their part to become more environmentally responsible.

In such a situation, company managers need to know the effects of products manufactured in their company upon the environment. Managers must find ways to distinguish themselves from competitors by offering products and services that conform to ecological standards.

Would you like to show the world that you care? The GC-Mark offers third-party confirmation of your eco-friendliness, based upon an on-site assessment.

The GC-Mark for Certified Green Company:

  • Provides third-party confirmation of minimal impact

  • Documents measures to reduce impact

  • Builds upon ISO 14001

        Can be used to improve the reputation of a company