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农场可持续性发展评价Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA)


“农场可持续性评价 (FSA)”是保证餐饮业一致性的一种多功能工具,可以对农场内的可持续性进行评估、交流及改善。这个问题主要涉及三个方面:经济可持续性、环境可持续性及社会可持续性,包括肥料施用、作物保护、废物处理及劳作条件等内容。



FSA 由 112 个问题构成,这些问题分为三个级别,从“初级”、“基础”到“高级”,复杂性依次增加。





FSA 可以为农场主提供好处:

1. FSA 是一种对农业可持续性发展实践进行评价以及与客户进行交流的很好的方式。

2. 通过使用这一工具,既省时又省钱,而且不需要完成多名客户的多次评价。

3. 使用 FSA 后,通过向更多利用 FSA 作为可持续性采购标准的公司进行销售可以扩大市场准入。


What is Farm Sustainability Assessment?

Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) is a food and beverage industry aligned multi-purpose tool to assess, communicate and improve on-farm sustainability. The questions cover three main areas: economic, environmental and social sustainability, with topics ranging from fertilizer use, crop protection, and waste management to labour conditions.


How does it work?

The FSA is made up of 112 questions; there are three levels of questions with an increasing complexity: ‘Essential’, ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’.

‘Essential’ questions are about decent citizenship (e.g. prohibiting forced or bonded labour) and should be straightforward to comply with for any farmer working towards sustainability.  ‘Basic’ questions identify the fundamental elements of sustainable farming.

The next step in sustainable farming is captured in the ‘Advanced’ questions.

The FSA questions are organized by topics (e.g. crop protection), in phases (e.g. assess, plan, store) and by focus areas (i.e. people, plant, profit). Sorting filters on each column allow the user to sort the questions in the way that best suits them.


There are three key benefits of FSA for farmers:

1. FSA is a great way to assess sustainable agriculture practices and communicate to customers.

2. Using the tool helps save time and money, by removing the need to complete multiple assessments for multiple customers.

3. Being a user of FSA increases market access, by selling to more companies who use FSA as their sustainable sourcing standard.