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Sedex 会员道德贸易审核Sedex SMETA audit


Sedex SMETA为谁而设?






SEDEX数据库使其成员能够通过交换道德表现信息来管理供应商并降低风险。通过此举,可以在整个生产链中实现道德层面可持续商业实践的改进。根据SMETA指南执行SEDEX审核并在SEDEX数据库中共享此信息的各个企业。可以向其客户证明他们尊重道德和社会可持续生产的原则。另一方面,客户可以根据这些原则有效地管理他们的供应商从而降低他们的风险。作为Sedex审核公司集团的官方成员,DQS 拥有在全球范围内开展SMETA审核的专业知识和人力资源。









For whom?

Suppliers who are required to share information about their ethical performance with clients;

Retailers who wish to learn more about the ethical performance of suppliers;

Companies in the middle of the supply chain who are required to share information about themselves while receiving information from their own suppliers.


The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange Database is a worldwide platform for the exchange of information on ethically sustainable production in the supply chain.

The SEDEX-Database enables its members to manage their suppliers and reduce their risks by exchanging information on ethical performance. By doing so, improvements regarding ethically sustainable business practices can be made throughout the production chain. Enterprises which perform a SEDEX-Audit according to the SMETA-Guidelines and share this information in the SEDEX-Database can prove to their customers that they respect the principles of ethically and socially sustainable production. Customers, on the other hand, can effectively manage their suppliers according to these principles, thus reducing their risk. As an official member of the Sedex Audit Company Group, DQS CFS has the know-how and the manpower to conduct SMETA-Audits across the globe.

A SMETA-Audit carried out by DQS allows you to:

Demonstrate your conformity with the SMETA Guidelines in the Sedex Platform;

Highlight your ethical performance;

Reduce the risk of issues and incidents among your suppliers;

Gain trust and improve your supplier relationships with the Sedex Database.



   is an official member of the Sedex Associate Auditor Group (AAG).